We’re all going on a summer holiday

By James Clapham

Canadians love to travel, and there’s a definite gleam in their eye when it comes to driving across country or from one province to the next. Twelve or 20 hours of driving would make other mere mortals have second thoughts about that experience, especially if it involved children as well. It is holiday season right now, so get in your vehicle of choice and check out some Canadian landscape. A comfy seat is, of course, essential. So clear those cup holders and get ready for a few tips and tricks before the road trip begins!

  • A clean car is a light car: Clean your car. Throw out all the various toys, fast food containers, old water bottles and coffee cups, and any unidentified stuff that is currently evolving into a brand new species.
  • Pack small: If you’re carrying suitcases and are travelling with a number of people for a while, then instead of neatly folding everything up and placing them into your case just so, try rolling up your clothes to minimize the amount of room they take. Makes sure that if your luggage is limited to your vehicle, then that luggage is easy enough to take out and that the things that you need in a hurry (e.g. the jack or the tire pump) aren’t so obstructed that you have to dig everything out in order to get to it.
  • Take a map: GPS is all very well and good, but if you’re in a relatively unknown area and your on-board navigation system wants to lead you up the garden path and over a sheer cliff, then breaking out the map just to make sure where you’re going can be a lifesaver.
  • A cheaper type of insurance: Ensure that all the things that need maintaining on your vehicle have been carried out before going on your way. Check tire pressures to ensure that they are at the manufacturer’s standard. Check your coolant, and your oil. If any of the three major factors in your safety is awry, and these are the steering, brakes and tires, then get it repaired as soon as possible, before you take that long-distance trip. It could save your life.

Adventuring across Canada should be fun and full of enjoyable moments. So keep these tips in mind and happy travels!